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Stock and Crypto Alerts with Chekr

November 22, 2018

My own robot Chekr is now open to public! I have been using Chekr for a couple of months myself and I figure others might have the same problem that I made it solve for me. So here is the deal. I invest my savings in stocks (which is something you should start with today if you haven’t already). Stocks increase or decrease in value every day. It is quite fun to see the value of your stocks go up, but it can be stressful to see the value go down as well.

Basically, I found myself wasting too much time watching and worrying about the daily noise (ups and downs that doesn’t really have any real meaning) of the stock markets. I realised this after reading Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb (get the gist here), which I can recommend.

So I decided to create a robot that keeps track of my stocks given the strategy I decided to follow, in this case the Simple Moving Average 50/200 strategy. The app checks the value of my stocks daily, calculates the moving average and sends me an email if I should take action, like buying or selling a stock.

This way I don’t have to waste time by checking my stocks and I save myself of emotional stress.

Want more time and less emotional stress? Sign up now at and add your own stocks!

Chekr 🤖

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